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Brit Hume: Obama Has Been “Unfairly Blamed” For Not Emoting Over BP Spill

Following his latest trip to the Gulf this coming week, and ahead of Wednesday’s “oil summit” with the BP heads, President Obama will be holding another press conference Tuesday night. On Fox News Sunday today Chris Wallace asked Brit Hume whether he thought this latest presser was motivated by PR concerns. Absolutely, said Hume. Also, Obama has been getting a bad rap over his apparent lack of anger.

I think the President has been kind of unfairly blamed for his response to this largely on the matter of what posture he struck, or failed to strike. Truth is, there wasn’t much the administration could actually do to alleviate the problem of the spill itself.

Hume is not willing to give Obama a free pass on everything, mind you. He thinks the administration has definitely dropped the ball when comes to the “clean up.” They’ve also made a “terrible mistake” by imposing this moratorium on off shore drilling; Hume calls it a “new and terrible burden” on the Gulf states, which are already suffering enough. Of course, anyone who has read this week’s (highly recommended) Rolling Stone article on Obama and BP might conclude that the administration needs an over-site committee when it comes to offshore drilling as much as any oil company applying for permission to drill. Watch Hume below.

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