Broward Sheriff Rips NRA’s Loesch: You’re Not Standing Up For Victims Until You Say ‘I Want Less Weapons!’

After NRA national spokesperson Dana Loesch circled the point about gun legislation when asked by a Parkland student, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel chimed in with a powerful response.

“I understand you’re standing up for the NRA and I understand that’s what you’re supposed to do. But you just told this group of people that you are standing up for them. You’re not standing up for them until you say, ‘I want less weapons,'” he said.

Emma Gonzalez, whose “We Call BS” speech has gone viral, took on Loesch as soon as she got onstage.

“Do you believe that it should be harder to obtain semi-automatic weapons and the modifications for these weapons to make them fully automatic, like bump stocks?” Gonzalez asked.

“I don’t believe that this insane monster should have ever been able to obtain a firearm. Ever. I do not think that he should have gotten his hands on any kind of weapon,” Loesch said. She then pivoted to discussing how the NRA does not support mentally ill people getting a gun.

“Do you know that it is not federally required for states to actually report people who are prohibited possessors, crazy people, people who are murderers?” she asked the audience, who loudly protested.

“If I can’t hear her statement, I can’t come up with a rebuttal,” Gonzalez said by way of quieting the crowd.

Loesch has said that people who fight for gun control after mass shootings are “tragedy-dry humping whores.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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