Bruce Campbell Calls Out Hoax: Bloodied ‘Trump Supporter’ Is Actually an Evil Dead Actress

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.33.32 PMThere’s been a lot of concern lately about violence coming from Donald Trump protestors, but Bruce Campbell is pouring cold water on the mogul’s supporters for using a picture from his TV show as Twitter propaganda.

The presumptive nominee recently held an event in San Jose, California, where things took a nasty turn as protestors showed undeniable hostility to the rally attendees. A pro-Trump Twitter account called Conservative Nation seems to have tried to capitalize off this, and they put out this picture of an alleged Trump-supporting woman who was beaten and bloodied by demonstrators.

Enter Campbell, who said that the woman in the picture is actually an actress whose injuries were part of a “make-up test” for Ash VS. Evil Dead.

The comedy-horror series is a take on the Evil Dead film series that launched Campbell into fame. It deals with Ash Williams‘ ongoing quest to fight zombies and other forces of evil brought forth by the Book of the Dead.

[Image via wikimedia]

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