Brzezinski Unloads on Flynn Resignation and White House-Russian Connections: ‘Troubling on a Deep, Global Level’


Unsurprisingly, the lead story on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday was the shocking resignation of National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn, who admitted to impropriety as it relates to conversations with Russia followed by a willing misrepresentation of those talks to the White House.

It’s something that Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski called out as being, “troubling on a deep, global level.”

Her colleague Joe Scarborough identified several of the key unanswered questions that are left in the wake of the vacated National Security Advisor role. “Why was the Vice President of the United States kept in the dark and allowed to go on television and lie and not have anybody go to him who knew in White House that he had been pushed out to lie?” Scarborough mused. VP Mike Pence defended Flynn’s phone calls with Russia on the same day that President Barack Obama imposed harsh sanctions on the Kremlin; during a January 15 interview on Face The Nation, Pence dismissed Flynn’s phone calls by saying, “General Flynn has been in touch with diplomatic leaders, security leaders in some 30 countries. That’s exactly what the incoming national security adviser should do.”

Scarborough continued Tuesday morning haranguing the leaky White House for allowing the drama to escalate to this level just weeks after the inauguration. “Who knew? Was Mike Pence the only person in the White House kept in the dark? Because you have to imagine the White House counsel had to know. You gotta believe the President of the United States had to know. Certainly the Justice Department knew.”

“There has to be a very long list of people in the White House who kept the Vice President of the United States in the dark, allowed him to lie on national television, and then not correct it afterwards,” Scarborough continued.

“It’s not nothing anymore,” said Brzezinski of the White House ties to Russia.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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