‘Bullsh*t!’: An ‘Indelicate’ Chris Christie Goes After ‘Knucklehead’ Critics During Town Hall

'Bullsh*t!': An 'Indelicate' Christie Goes After 'Knucklehead' Critics During Town Hall

“Cover your ears,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told the children in the crowd before he called “bullshit” on his opponents. Speaking at a town hall meeting on Long Beach Island, Christie was discussing the topic of building sand dunes along the Jersey shore protect against another storm like Hurricane Sandy. To those opposing the measure, Christie had a blunt response.

The governor addressed property owners who don’t want the government to have access to their property, arguing that all he wants to build there are dunes. Addressing the opponents, Christie mocked the “knucklehead” residents who claim the the government wants to build everything from dunes and roads to bathrooms and hot dog stands.

“Let me use a word that is indelicate,” Christie said, telling the children in the crowd to cover their ears. “Bullshit! Okay? That’s what that is.”

The remark drew much applause and cheering from attendees, as Christie went on to elaborate, “That’s the excuse they use. Here’s why they’re really concerned: They don’t want their view blocked.”

“We are building these dunes, okay?” the governor asserted. “We are building these dunes whether you consent or not.”

Take a look, below:

(h/t Star Ledger)

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