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Bush Releases Apocalyptic Ad Predicting Clinton Beating Trump

Jeb Bush released a new ad Wednesday, prognosticating a dire future in which Donald Trump has seized the Republican nomination, and Hillary Clinton emerges triumphant in the general election.

As the 40-second spot begins, it purports to show a news broadcast from Election Day 2016, reporting Republican nominee Donald Trump has “conceded defeat with a Twitter post.” Under ominous music, a chyron indicates that it was an “Unprecedented victory not since Reagan 1984,” in which the GOP incumbent carried 49 states.

Curiously, Hillary Clinton appears to be celebrating her victory before an ecstatic crowd in broad daylight — probably because the Bush camp recycled footage from the June rally where she kicked off her campaign.

But “DON’T PANIC,” the ad rebukes. This nightmare can be avoided. “It’s not too late to change the future,” a title reads. Vote Jeb — and you can alter fate.

Donating to Bush’s campaign will also help re-write the timeline, apparently.

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