CA Man Suing Sheriff’s Department for Allegedly Tasering His Genitals

Getting tasered is an unpleasant experience. Getting tasered in the groin? Yikes, that’s gotta hurt. And that’s exactly what one California man is alleging happened to him after he got in a dispute with a sheriff’s deputy over a discarded cigarette. Daniel Johnson opened the door of his parents’ house to find a sheriff’s deputy inform him his father was being ticketed for putting out his cigarette on the ground. Johnson walked outside and offered to just pick it up, since they couldn’t handle the $1000 fine, and things ended up with Johnson being put in a full nelson and being tasered in the genitals “multiple times” by one of the deputies.

In the official complaint he filed, Johnson says he could “smell his burning flesh” and was crying out in pain. He was arrested for battery, but denies he engaged physically with the deputies at all. That charge was eventually dropped.

Johnson’s mother told KNBC that the deputy “stared at her while she screamed” and kept looking at her every time he used the taser on her son. Johnson said he hopes there’s audio or video of the incident, because “when there’s nothing to verify what actually happened, it becomes a state where it’s their word versus ours.”

Watch KNBC’s report on the situation below:

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