comScore Caitlyn Jenner Tastefully Targeted By Rental Car Service's 'Crossover' Ad

Caitlyn Jenner Tastefully Targeted by Rental Car Service’s ‘Crossover’ Ad

When she’s not too busy taking flak from Lone Survivor director Peter Berg and transphobic gun owners with depressingly old television sets, Caitlyn Jenner is the unwitting target of rental car ads made in poor taste. And by “poor taste,” I mean something akin to going to Taco Bell and ordering a blue-shelled taco.

Sixt Rent a Car tweeted out a rather eye-catching advertisement for its latest rental deal:

The tweet’s image isn’t all that appealing, and Jenner herself appears nowhere in the ad except in name. (She’s not even tagged in the tweet.) Yet the ad’s use of Jenner’s name in conjunction with “crossover” — and the implied connections to the Olympian’s recent coming out as transgender — has stirred the Internet’s sh*t machine.

Rightly so, because it’s kind of stupid:

[h/t Pete Blackburn]
[Image via Twitter]

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