California DA Scolds Jon Stewart for Ferguson Commentary


Jon Stewart spoke at great length on Monday about Ferguson and what he called a pattern of fatal encounters between black men and law enforcement. Stewart had this to say in response to people who called the case of Michael Brown an anomaly:

“Youre saying this is an isolated incident, like the police shooting of Tamir Rice in Cleveland or Dante Parker in San Bernadino County, or Kendrec McDade in Pasadena, or Armand Bennet in New Orleans, or John Crawford in… what time does Colbert start?”

It was the brief mention of Parker that really set off San Bernadino County District Attorney Michael Ramos. He posted a video on YouTube calling out Stewart for, as he put it, distorting the facts of the case.

Months ago, the sheriff’s deputies attempted to take Parker into custody after he was suspected of a home break-in. He was reportedly “uncooperative and combative,” and fought a female deputy. She fired her Taser and hit him multiple times, and Parker ended up dead in the hospital.

Ramos said Stewart is “so wrong” about the facts of the case, saying Parker’s case is not like the others because he was tased, not shot. Now, to be fair, Stewart did not specifically say that Parker was shot, though he did preface it by talking about the “police shooting” of Tamir Rice, and all the other people he mentioned were shot by police.

Watch Ramos’ video here:

And you can watch Stewart’s commentary here, via Comedy Central:

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