Camerota Asks Kellyanne Conway: Will Trump Move Forward With Prosecuting Clinton?


Kellyanne Conway appeared this morning on CNN’s New Day, where the Donald Trump campaign manager broke down the message and strategy behind the mogul’s upset victory in the presidential election.

Conway began by talking about the “very gracious” call where Hillary Clinton admitted her defeat to Trump over the phone. She also talked at length about how the Trump campaign’s plan came to fruition in the battleground states, as well as her tweet last night about how there was at least one pollster (herself) who saw what was coming where many did not.

After Conway discussed the impact Trump voters wanted to make on the government, Alisyn Camerota asked her about whether Trump would follow through with his infamous campaign promise to hire a special prosecutor to examine Clinton’s email scandal. Camerota noted how frequently Trump used that line to fire up crowds, and she was curious as to whether Trump will act upon the idea now that he’s won.

Part 1:

Conway didn’t answer the question directly, but she struck back at the perspective that Trump’s campaign was based on divisive rhetoric. When asked if prosecuting Clinton would undermine Trump’s call for unity last night, Conway noted that the Clinton campaign ran a highly-negative campaign for much of the election, and that she hopes people will “tamp it down” with their heated political disagreements.

Part 2:

“Give him a chance as your President-Elect like we all did with President Obama, and we all did with President Bill Clinton et cetera,” Conway said. “Give him a chance and be there for him. Come together as a nation.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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