NY Times Answers: Can You Get Ebola from a Bowling Ball?

Dr. Craig Spencer, the New York doctor with Ebola, is currently being quarantined at Bellevue Hospital. Yesterday he was at a bowling alley. But don’t worry, the New York Times is here to reassure you about the likelihood of bowling balls transmitting Ebola.

No, seriously, there’s actually a Times piece tonight by health reporter Donald McNeil titled “Can You Get Ebola From a Bowling Ball?”

And not to give anything away, but the answer’s no. Okay, it’s no but for one very incredibly unlikely scenario that McNeil explains thusly:

If someone left blood, vomit or feces on a bowling ball, and the next person to touch it did not even notice, and then put his fingers into his eyes, nose or mouth, it might be possible.

But otherwise, he writes, Ebola “does not normally survive for more than a few hours on a hard, dry surface.”

The bowling alley, by the way, has closed down.

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