Carl Bernstein: ‘We Can Put Away the Fake News Charge Once and For All After Today’

In an era where the line between real and fake news has become so blurred, Carl Bernstein — one of America’s most celebrated journalists, and one half of the reporting duo that broke open the Watergate scandal in the pages of the Washington Post — is arguably as qualified as anyone to separate the two.

And after Friday’s ABC report that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is prepared to testify against President Donald Trump, Bernstein has made a decision as to which category the Russia probe belongs.

“None of this is fake news,” Bernstein said on Friday’s edition of CNN’s Wolf, hosted by substitute anchor Jim Sciutto. “We can put away the fake news charge once and for all after today.”

Earlier in the segment, Bernstein also discussed the other important theme he identified from Friday’s news.

This is also, today, very much about family. It’s about Flynn, and his son, and Flynn’s fear that his son might be prosecuted. And that’s one of the reasons he was willing to be flipped here.

But it’s also about the Trump family. This means that Jared Kushner is at the center of what [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller is looking at. There’s no getting around that. And we know it from various sources.

And it also means that Donald Trump, we keep looking at his actions and whether they’re rational or not, and what he might do next, and whether he might pardon somebody, and the lying, and it all has to be considered, among other things, in terms of family as well. Because Trump has known for a while that his family is under investigation. His son Don Jr., I know and am aware of a time, I’m told by people in the White House, where Jared Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump went to her father, and pleaded with him to do something because of these investigations closing in in a family way.

Watch above, via CNN.

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