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Carl Levin Slams Goldman’s ‘Sh*tty Deal’ Eleven Times On Live TV

Swearing is apparently the new hip thing in Washington. First came Dick Cheney and his infamous “f*ck yourself” to Patrick Leahy on the Senate floor in 2004 — according to Cheney possibly the “the best thing I ever did.” This was followed by Vice President Joe Biden’s BFD heard round the world remark to President Obama during the health care bill signing. And now this.

During today’s heated Goldman hearings on Capitol Hill Sen. Carl Levin, head of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, quoted some rather colorful language from the Goldman emails which described one of their transactions as a “shitty deal.” Levin repeated the description eleven times in during his questioning of Goldman Exec Daniel Sparks. The pretty fantastic exchange is below. Of all these instances I think it’s hard to argue that this wasn’t by far the most justified. Look for the NYPost’s rendition tomorrow and probably t-shirts to come.

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