Carl Paladino Clarifies: “I’m Going To Take Him Out With The Rest Of The Trash”

GOP candidate Carl Paladino threatened to “take out” New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker last night in this must see video.

Today on WABC he was interviewed by Bernard McGuirk, and clarified his remarks. Sort of.

“Do you regret using that last night? It seemed like straight out of The Sopranos, I mean it seemed that way,” said McGuirk.

Said Paladino:

No, I said it time and again. I’m taking out Sheldon Silver and I put Fred Dicker in the same category, I’m going to take him out with the rest of the trash.

Paladino also emphasized the point that he’s not your typical politician. “I’m not politically correct, purposefully,” he said. “I’m making a point here, that these people are no good.”

No, definitely not politically correct. But keeps sites like this one busy! Paladino has not appeared on cable news today, but he is expected on America Live with Megyn Kelly tomorrow afternoon.

Here’s the audio (and check out more at

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