Carl Paladino Threatens To “Take Out” New York Post State Editor

GOP candidate Carl Paladino, who has been in the news for some, uh, interesting reasons this week, but tonight took it to a whole new level.

Paladino nearly came to blows with longtime New York Post state editor Fred Dicker, and after he was separated, he threatened to “take out” the journalist. And that’s not all.

Capital Tonight reporter Kaitlyn Ross captured the dust-up. The NY governor race candidate accuses Dicker of being a supporter of his opponent, Andrew Cuomo, and calls him a “stalking horse.” Then, “I’ll take you out, buddy,” he tells Dicker. “You gonna take me out?” asks Dicker. “How you gonna do that?” “Watch,” Paladino responds, before walking away.

Here’s more from the Capital Tonight blog:

The candidate for governor and journalist are shown having a confrontation over Dicker allegedly sending a photographer to follow around the 10-year-old daughter Paladino fathered outside his marriage. The Buffalo businessman called Dicker a “stalking horse” for his Democratic gubernatorial opponent, Andrew Cuomo.

Michael Caputo, Paladino’s campaign manager, tried to diffuse the situation with some levity, saying: “Fred, you’re out of line, you’re off the Christmas card list.”

Oh no! Off the Christmas card list!

Later in the showdown, Caputo goes after Dicker. “You’re working for Cuomo,” says Caputo. “And you’re a terrible journalist.”

There’s a lot more. New York state politics, everybody…

Here’s the confrontation:

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