Carson Daly’s Prophetic Profile Of Roger Ross Williams And Music By Prudence

There’s no real debate about the “viral” moment of the 2010 Academy Awards: when producer Elinor Burkett “Kanye’d” director Roger Ross Williams during their acceptance speech after winning best short documentary for their film Music By Prudence. It was an unknown film for nearly everyone watching the Oscar’s that night, except of course for the devoted fans of Last Call with Carson Daly, the late night show that aired a profile on that very film (and its director), just days before they became so widely known.

After a self-described near-death experience that almost saw Last Call with Carson Daly go off the air, the NBC late(est) night show has made some nice waves in its return, perhaps best evidenced by their prescient profile of Roger Ross Williams before he was known as “the guy who got interrupted during his Oscar’s speech.”

But more importantly – lost in all of the hullabaloo surrounding the acceptance speech kerfuffle, is the real story behind all of this: the remarkably moving short film about Prudence Mabhena – the wheelchair-bound singer and songwriter from Zimbabwe – who’s story warms even the most cynical of hearts. Check the profile below.

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