CBS Conducting ‘Journalistic Review’ Over Botched 60 Minutes Benghazi Report

Following the official (and as some have argued, insufficient) apology 60 MinutesLara Logan gave for a report on Benghazi that missed out on many key details, like whether the person who spoke to them was telling the truth, CBS News is officially conducting what a spokesman described as a “journalistic review” looking into how they got the story so wrong.

A spokesman for CBS News told Variety, “The moment we confirmed there was an issue in our story we began a journalistic review that is ongoing.”

Much of the criticism of the report centered around Logan herself, with Salon’s Alex Pareene asking how Logan could possibly stay at her job after this screw-up and The Washington Post printing what Mediaite’s Joe Concha succinctly described as a “chauvinistic” piece on Logan.

Another avenue critics have been exploring is the corporate ties between CBS News and Simon & Schuster, the publishing company that released the book on Benghazi written by Dylan Davies, the man at the center of the 60 Minutes report, a detail which Logan herself admitted in hindsight should have been included in her report to begin with.

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