Celebrity Chef Cat Cora Arrested For DUI, Mugshot Released

News that celebrity chef, restaurant owner and TV host Cat Cora was arrested for a DUI last month has come out, prompting the star to release a statement saying that “I deeply regret my decision to drive that evening after my designated driver became unavailable.” Also drawing attention? The fact that Cora’s mugshot looks better than our most glamorous of Glamour Shots, lack of jean jacket with popped collar notwithstanding.

Cora had reportedly rear-ended another vehicle in California, with TMZ adding that Cora had referred to those she hit as “nerds” — nerds who all, fortunately, did not sustain injuries as a result of her actions.

Her Around the World in 80 Plates co-star Curtis Stone was asked about the incident Friday on CBS’ This Morning.

“We have to ask you quickly, your co-host Cat Cora was arrested recently for DUI. Have you spoken to her at all?” asked host Erica Hill.

“I saw her last night and she’s doing fine,” said Stone. “You know, of course, you go through this sort of stuff in life and you make some decisions you’re not so proud of. I’m sure that she’s had a tough time with it. But she’s keeping her head up and she’s doing alright.”

h/t Clarion Ledger

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