Chalk Trauma Continues: Writing ‘Trump’ Is a Hate Crime, Students Say

DePaulChalk-written messages, mottos, and images in support of Donald Trump continue to wreak havoc on college campuses.

The College Fix reports:

DePaul University’s Black Student Union accused its College Republicans (CRs) of a hate crime because they organized the April 4 chalking outside the Student Center, with messages that alluded to Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and praised police and Israel.

The Vice President for Student Affairs told students in an email that “many students, faculty and staff found the chalk messages offensive, hurtful and divisive,” and furthermore that the chalking could somehow endanger the university’s tax-exempt status.

The dubious proposition that any political speech by student groups could jeopardize a university’s tax-exempt status has been aired before, the Fix writes, leading to the Foundation for Individual Rights and Education to issue a brief, noting that IRS does not attribute the actions of students to their institution, unless they were directed or authorized by a school official.

DePaul joins a list of universities, including Emory, University of Kansas, and the University of Michigan, where students have claimed that they have been threatened by pro-Trump messages written in chalk. In the case of Emory, students were even offered “emergency counseling.”

These responses have been met with ridicule from both the left and the right.

[h/t College Fix]

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