‘Charity Work!’ Ron Burgundy Returns to Stand Up to Cancer

America’s favorite fake newsman is back! Sort of. Will Ferrell brought back his iconic Ron Burgundy character for a series of online ads promoting a Stand Up to Cancer telethon tonight. (In the quintessential Ron Burgundy way, of course.)

Burgundy, as per usual, shouts out a lot of non sequiters like “Charity work!” and shares his great pearls of wisdom, including “I’m Ron Burgundy and I’m not afraid to say it: I’m no fan of cancer.”

And while promoting the Stand Up to Charity Marathon in every video, he is Ron Burgundy, so there is a moment where his ego kicks in and he says, “You’re welcome, Stand Up to Cancer for getting me, the fool here, the village idiot, to do your bidding for free. Are you happy, you guilt-ridden ego-maniacs?”

You can watch all the videos here:

[h/t E! Online]
[image via screengrab]

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