Charlie Hebdo Receives Death Threats Over Cartoon About Naked Muslims

Charlie Hebdo is receiving a new series of death threats after their latest cartoon satirized Muslims by saying they should just get naked whenever they go to the beach.

The satirical newspaper came under attack last year by extremists angry with their lampoon of Islam, though they’ve largely been determined not to censor themselves. Today, Hebdo’s senior members are saying that they’re beefing up security and talking with the French police after receiving messages promising another massacre.

This is the cartoon in question:

Mic‘s translation of the caption reads, “The reform of Islam: Muslims loosen up.” The cartoon itself is meant to be a satirical take on how Cannes has banned full-body burkas (burkinis) from their beaches following the Nice terror attack.

France already has laws banning burqas in public because they hinder facial identification, and according to Inquisitr, Cannes Mayor David Lisnard said that the new ban would help promote French morals and standards. After they mocked the whole development, Charlie Hebdo has said they’ve been receiving insults, anti-Semitic messages, and even more blunt promises stating “you will die.”

“It does not stop,” co-owner Eric Portheault said to French newspaper Le Parisien. “We have filed a complaint with the police of the 13th arrondissement of the Paris police over the threats.”

[Image via Charlie Hebdo / Twitter]

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