Check Out Karl Rove’s Head-Scratcher of a Tweet About Mississippi

The narrative about Tuesday’s Mississippi GOP Senate runoff has largely focused on the fact that Democratic voters helped “establishment” Republican Sen. Thad Cochran defeat Mississippi tea party challenger Chris McDaniel because of the open primary. Republican super-strategist and Fox analyst Karl Rove seems to have either missed that memo or willfully disregarded it.

On Wednesday morning, Rove had this analysis to offer:

No one’s quite sure where this “hyperventilating” is occurring, seeing as Democrats have largely relished in the fact that an elderly Republican defeated a tea partier in the heavily red state of Mississippi by courting Democrats and black voters to come out and vote for him.

Just a taste of the head-scratching media reaction to Rove’s analysis:

Mississippi’s GOP primary sure has brought out the best of the best in #analysis.

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