Check Out These Insane Photos and Clips of the Flooding, Rescue Efforts in Texas


Hurricane Harvey caused catastrophic levels of damage throughout Texas this weekend, but rescue workers and civilians alike are taking action and rescuing people from the watery devastation.

The torrential floods left numerous buildings and communities submerged all across the state. Evacuations are still underway, but hundreds of photos and video clips have been posted online, providing a sense of scale for the destruction and chaos from the storm.

As state workers and emergency services redouble their efforts to control the situation, local officials have asked citizens to lend their boats and high-water vehicles to rescue missions. This call to action has aided several evacuation measures, and numerous private boat owners and good Samaritans are joining the effort as well.

The White House announced that President Trump will head to Texas in the next few days to assess the damage. FEMA Administrator Brock Long gave an interview today where he expressed concern about how it’ll take years for Texas to move beyond Harvey’s impact.

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