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Check Out This Texas Woman’s Bizarre Donald Trump Rally Dress

Donald Trump has a new unofficial political cheerleader, and her name is Barbara Tomasino.

According to the Associated Press, Trump’s big event in Dallas, Texas on Monday was the 65-year-old retired school librarian’s first political rally. Not that anyone else in attendance could tell, considering that Tomasino was covered in the New York real estate mogul’s likeness in nearly every possible way:

Her dress, shoes and bag — all of which were homemade, of course — were plastered with Trump’s face. Whether images from previous political gatherings, the FOX News GOP debate or the businessman’s stint as host of The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, everything was Trump.

“Sometimes he puts his foot in his mouth, just like everybody,” she told the AP’s Steve Peoples. “If he gets elected, he might need to tone it down a little bit.”

With cheerleaders like Tomasino, however, it is highly unlikely that President Trump would ever “tone it down.” If anything, his foot would probably enter his mouth on a more regular basis.

[h/t Associated Press, Steve Peoples]
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