Handler Has Fallen in Love With Ken Bone and Wants to Raise His ‘Little Boner’ Children

In the crowded field of late night comedy, Chelsea Handler is occupying a unique space on Netflix, but is still bringing her signature brand of laughs and Monday night’s taping of Chelsea proves it.

The comedian said Monday, “While everybody was figuring out who they want to be their President for the next four year, I figured out who I want to be my lover for the next forty years.”

Predictably, Handler was talking about the internet’s newest smash sensation: Kenneth Bone, the red sweater-wearing ball of adorable who asked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump a question about fossil fuel energy at the St. Louis debate. Handler earned uproarious applause from the crowd when she referred to Bone as her, “little cherry tomato.”

“You may be undecided in this election, but I know what I want,” he said. She continued, “I can already hear the little pitter-patter of little boners running around.”

Handler rolled the hysterical clip from Monday morning when Bone told CNN’s Carol Costello that his “Plan A” outfit was a olive suit — which his mother would have loved to see him wear on national television — until he split the pants because of a weight gain.

“If you’re looking for another pair of pants to split, you can start with mine,” Handler told her new beau.

Watch above via Netflix.

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