Cheney Goes After Hillary, Obama for Foreign Policy ‘Incompetence’ on Hugh Hewitt Show

Former vice president Dick Cheney joined conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday and took the opportunity to go after President Obama and Hillary Clinton for the foreign policy “incompetence” of the Obama administration.

Cheney called Benghazi an unquestionable tragedy, saying more should have been done to protect the four Americans who died. He slammed Clinton for “doing everything she can to avoid responsibility” for what happened under her leadership.

He also thought the “victory dance,” as Hewitt put it, after taking out Osama bin Laden was too much. He said, “Don’t go out and broadcast the fact that you’ve got the guy.”

Cheney also weighed in on the “huge threat” of Iran building nuclear weapons, and said the recent crisis over Syria displayed the “incompetence of the administration” on these issues.

Listen to the audio below, via The Hugh Hewitt Show:

[photo via World Economic Forum]

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