Cheney to Limbaugh: GOP Leaders, Tea Party Need to Stop Fighting, Unite in Opposition to Obama

Former Vice President Dick Cheney joined Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday to promote his new book and tackle the last news on the Republican civil war. Cheney said the GOP needs to stop all the infighting and unite if they want to take down President Obama, “the adversary,” in the next election cycle.

Cheney told Limbaugh Republicans need to “establish working relationships” with all factions of the GOP, saying there’s a tendency to “condemn the establishment or condemn the tea party” instead of putting aside disagreements over tactics and going after Obama instead. He did, however, acknowledge that the establishment is “comfortable with the status quo,” and said of the tea party, “I’d much rather see them inside the party than outside the party.”

Limbaugh lamented the little pushback that’s been done on the part of the GOP, chalking it up to race and the “misconception” that a majority of people still “love and adore Obama.”

Cheney called on the Republican party to get more candidates who can challenge the establishment and the “Obama operation.” He concluded, “We sit around for another three and a half years, we’re gonna be in a very, very deep hole in this country because of the policies of the Obama administration.”

Listen to the audio below, via WABC:

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