Cher Appears to, um, Accuse Trump’s Son of Killing Her Friend

Cher, the multitalented singer, actress, and wannabe weird Twitter comedienne, has posted a tweet that seems to accuse Donald Trump‘s sons of killing her friend.

Yeah, I dunno. See for yourself.

Many of the hallmarks of Cher’s Twitter style are in evidence here, which is to say, she composes her tweets in the manner of a hungover algorithm’s impression of how an angry tween texts. You’ve got the imaginative grammar, the all-caps, the liberal use of emoji, and the apoplectic, rabid rage directed at Donald Trump.

While nobody would accuse the GOP frontrunner’s progeny of being conspicuously humane, a cursory look at Google indicates that neither of them has ever been charged with murder.

(Jezebel notes that Cher probably is referring to the Young Trumps’ hunting of wild game. Mystery solved. Probably.)

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