Child Kidnapped, Held Hostage After Gunman Fatally Shoots Bus Driver

A six-year-old boy was kidnapped and held hostage in a bunker in Alabama after a man shot and killed the driver of the bus the boy was a passenger on. Authorities were negotiating overnight.

According to the Associated Press, the “man boarded the stopped school bus in the town of Midland City on Tuesday afternoon and shot the driver when he refused to let the child off the bus.” The driver died from gunshot wounds, and the shooter took the child.

Further details, via AP:

County coroner Woodrow Hilboldt told The Associated Press the overnight standoff continued early Wednesday with tactical units, negotiators and other officers at the scene near a church. He said the suspect was believed to be in an underground shelter on his property.

“That’s what has been described to me as an underground bunker. Someplace to get out of the way of a tornado,” Hilboldt said.

Dale County and Ozark city schools will be closed Wednesday. “Due to the sensitive nature of the open and ongoing incident, limited details are being released at this time,” Dale County Sheriff’s Department said in a 10 p.m. local time update on Tuesday (according to NBC).

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