Chinese Hackers Break into US Gov’t Databases, Possibly Access Data of 4 Million Employees

shutterstock_222402796The Obama Administration has confirmed reports that a group of hackers successfully broke into the Office of Personnel Management’s computer systems, subsequently gaining access to millions of current and former federal employees’ personal data.

The Washington Post reports that hackers, who were traced back to China, got access to the employees’ “job assignments, performance ratings and training,” though not their background checks or results from clearance investigations. (The OPM manages the entirety of the U.S. civil servants — basically, it’s the government’s Human Resources department — so a data breach into their systems pretty much leaves every government employee vulnerable.)

The OPM plans on notifying these individuals, and while it’s only the “second major intrusion of the agency by China in less than a year,” officials told the Post that they’d been beefing up their cybersecurity in the past year, and managed to detect the intrusion back in April. “We have a lot of information about people, and that is something that our adversaries want,” OPM Chief Information Officer Donna Seymour told the Post.

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