Chinese Ship Reportedly Detects Pulse Signal in Indian Ocean Amid MH370 Search

A Chinese ship searching the Indian Ocean for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane has reportedly detected a pulse signal in the South Indian Ocean. The news was first reported by Chinese state news agency Xinhua, and the signal reported is on the same frequency as the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder on the plane.

However, another Chinese news outlet reports that “the pulse signal has not been confirmed,” and the Joint Agency Coordination Centre manning the search for MH370 sent out a statement saying, “We are unable to verify any such information at this point in time.”

Again, there’s no indication thus far that this is actually the missing plane, but with one person telling CNN “I can’t think of anything else it could be” and another casting serious doubt on the news, who knows what’s happening anymore. And, in fact, there’s been a lot of media skepticism about this new report.

You can watch CNN’s report on the developing news here:

[photo via screengrab]

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