Chris Christie Defends Tom Brady: This Is ‘Way Overblown’

With Tom Brady close to making a statement on whether his balls were deliberately under-inflated, we have our first likely presidential candidate publicly defending him: Chris Christie.

Yes, the NFL’s report on the now-infamous DeflateGate concludes that the Patriots QB knew more than he let on, but Christie thinks everyone should just lay off.

Christie, possibly able to empathize with someone who’s being scrutinized for potential involvement in something unscrupulous, told IJ Review that “there’s a little bit too much attention on this.”

“I think the media and others love,” Christie said, “for somebody who’s married to a beautiful model, who’s richer than you can imagine, and who is a future hall-of-famer—to take a couple shots at him. People that like every once in a while.”

Thank you, governor. And could you possibly end your comments with the most ironic phrase possible?

“I think it’s way, way, way overblown.”

There we go.

Watch the video below, via IJ Review:

[image via screengrab]

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