Chris Christie: ‘I Would Rather Die than Be in the U.S. Senate’

During his keynote address at the NAACP convention in New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie (R) insisted that he was now focused on his remaining three-year term as Governor, and totally not thinking about running for office ever again (in the state of New Jersey).

“Believe me, by the way, when I say I’m never running for public office in New Jersey again, I mean I’m never running for public office in New Jersey again,” he said at the end of a thirty-minute speech bolstering his Being Cool With African-American credentials, a critical qualification for the modern-day GOP presidential candidate.

“The only job left for me to run for is United States Senate, and let me just say this: I would rather die than be in the United States Senate,” he said with emphasis. “I would be bored to death. Could you imagine me, banging around that chamber with 99 other people, asking for a motion on the amendment on the subcommittee? Forget it.”

(But he’s probably going to run for president, which is technically not New Jersey, so he’s in the clear.)

Watch below starting at 30:16:

[Image via screenshot]

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