Chris Christie: ‘Weakling’ John Kerry to Blame for Terrible Iran Deal

Christie KerryDuring an appearance on The Mike Gallagher Show, Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie blasted the Iran deal, and took a shot at Secretary of State John Kerry’s manliness in the process.

Christie called President Barack Obama the “worst foreign policy president of all time,” and declared the Iran deal the worst blunder of his term.“Well what did we expect when we put a weakling like John Kerry in charge of the negotiations?” he asked.

“I mean, you know, personality matters,” he said. “And when you asked me before, what will a Christie presidency be known for, it’ll be known for the same things the governorship of New Jersey has been known for the past few years. We’re tough, we’re direct, and we get things done.”

Listen, via The Mike Gallagher Show.

[ooaudio id=YxeGdqdzolMFwau1yxv_nMrusXrTBqWt]

[Image via screengrab]
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