Chris Matthews Gets His Own ‘Newscasters Quoting Movies’ Segment on Last Week Tonight

Since Last Week Tonight airs on HBO, there are no commercial breaks for host John Oliver to look forward to. Instead, the staff prepares external video packages that the comedian frequently tosses to with the quip, “And now this…” to give himself a minute off-air.

Sunday night’s such package was a special installment of “Newscasters Quoting Movies,” featuring a highlight reel of some of Chris Matthews‘s very best work on the subject.

As you can see from the clip above, the MSNBC host is one helluva fan of the 1976 Robert De Niro/Martin Scorsese classic Taxi Driver, complete with several references made popular by Travis Bickle. Stick around until the end to see Matthews’s turn, uh, let’s say impressing Cabaret alum Alan Cumming with his best Braveheart effort.

Most uncomfortable is Chris Matthews staring into the camera lens with an Over-The-Shoulder graphic of President Obama, delivering the Brokeback Mountain line, “I wish I know how to quit you.”

The late night bit — which any cinephile and/or MSNBC fan will love — had me at ‘hello.’ Watch above via HBO.

[image via screengrab]

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