Chris Matthews: Is Obama Simply Too Eager To Respond To Media?

Chris Matthews is trying to figure out where his Obama thrill has gone. On his show yesterday Matthews speculated where it had all gone wrong for President Obama. Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson thinks the problem is the president is too thin-skinned.

I have a friend who’s spent some time with Obama and is very favorably disposed to him but says that even in private he reacts to anything that Boehner says, reacts to everything the Republicans in Congress say, he pays a lot of attention.

If true, geez, how does he have time for anything else! Matthews, meanwhile, wants to know if Obama simply reacts too much to the 24 hour news cycle: “Is he just too eager to respond, is he losing his ability to make compelling communication.”

Imagine the headlines if Obama didn’t respond. Politico would shift into overdrive reporting that the President is ignoring both the free press and the country until the story went wide and Obama was forced to give a national press conference explaining his behavior. Maybe he just needs to put his Facebook page to better use. Clip below.

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