Chris Rock Once Advised Michelle Obama That She Could Go On’Real Housewives‘ After White House

Last night, Chris Rock appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, where he recalled the final White House party with President Barack Obama in office. While he was there, he said he ended up in a one-on-one conversation with former First Lady Michelle Obama. “I’m not really supposed to be alone with Michelle Obama,” he joked. “That’s not really my lane, I don’t know how to talk politics.”

He told host Jimmy Fallon Obama told him she was worried about the country, and said, “I don’t know what’s gonna happen, this is such a crazy time.”

That’s when Rock decided to give her some advice, and what he went with was the following: “You’ll be aight.”

He then told her, “You can get any kind of job you want. I mean, The ViewThe Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

At that point, he said Obama looked at him and said, “I was talking about the country. I wasn’t talking about me. I was talking about the country.”

“I had never felt so stupid in my life,” Rock said. “It’s like my GED flared up,” he said.

After that, he said, she ran away from him to talk to Oprah.

Watch the video above, via NBC.

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