Chris Wallace Describes ‘Damn Fools’ on Stage and ‘Drunk’ Hecklers at GOP Debate

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.52.16 PMEric Bolling hosted The O’Reilly Factor tonight and had an opportunity to interview one of the moderators from last night’s highly watched GOP debate, Chris Wallace. He brought up how “raucous” the event got, which everyone was talking about.

Bolling started by asking if Wallace felt that he was “taming lions,” and Wallace responded that it was more like “herding cats.”

He went on to describe how he, Megyn Kelly, and Bret Baier had been determined not to allow this debate to “degenerate” like CNN’s previous one.

Unfortunately, the candidates acted like “damn fools,” he said before talking about how Republican officials like Reince Priebus have been “upset” over the amount of hecklers and drunk people in the audience.

“These tickets are divided among the candidates, so it seems, and I don’t know who it was that some of the candidates are giving tickets to people to just try to shout out when one of the candidates is speaking.”

At least Roger Ailes doesn’t seem to be stressing.

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