Christian Conservatives: SCOTUS’ Gay Marriage Punt Is Roe v. Wade Plus Dred Scott

Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Ralph Reed antes:

Today’s Supreme Court decision not to hear appeals of lower-court rulings that legalized same-sex marriage in five states is a miscarriage of justice that lays the predicate for a Roe v. Wade decision on marriage that will impose same-sex marriage on the entire country by judicial fiat.

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer sees Reed and raises him:

Some people are calling yesterday’s Supreme Court decision, which eventually will impose sodomy-based marriage on the entire country, the Roe v. Wade of gay marriage. It’s far worse than that.

…The nearest parallel we can find to what happened yesterday is the Court’s 1857 decision legitimizing the institution of slavery. In the Dred Scott case, the Supreme Court put its stamp of approval on a pernicious, degrading, decivilizing institution and gave it the patina of constitutional authority.

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If someone decides to get creative and call it the Citizens United of gay marriage, we all get tomorrow off.

Incidentally, this is Fischer’s core logic:

The Court duplicated its wrongheaded and grossly immoral Dred Scott ruling yesterday by imposing same-sex marriage on the entire country.

The Court pointedly did not do that.

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