Christie Takes Down Movie Trailer, Possibly Because The Rock Objected to It

A few days ago, Chris Christie and his team put out a video, styled like a summer blockbuster trailer and featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, to hype his town hall speaking tours about his plans to balance the state budget. And when we say hype, we mean hype — with graphics, and explosions, and even more explosions. (Because no one will pay attention if he just talks about pension reform. It has to be pension reform with explosions.)

Hours later, however, the video disappeared. And CNN’s Jake Tapper wanted to know — why?

According to one of his sources, Christie was contacted by a group of Hollywood lawyers concerned that the video contained footage of The Rock from one of his movies. (We can’t remember which one, but it was the one where the Rock had the giant arms and things blew up.)

When asked, a spokesperson for Christie joked that “it was too much pain for The Rock.”

Thankfully, the video will be re-released, without The Rock’s footage, next week. Which is fine, as long as there are explosions.

UPDATE (3:31 PM EST): Well, that was fast. Here you go, world:

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