Christie: ‘You Can’t Enjoy Your Civil Liberties if You’re in a Coffin’

christieNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie is getting ready for a 2016 campaign, and in New Hampshire today, he made it clear he is not with the civil libertarians in the Republican Party. In a speech he gave earlier today, he said that concerns about government snooping are “baloney.”

Christie continued to discuss these matters at a New Hampshire town hall hours later, and according to multiple reports from the town hall, he got pretty damn serious about the threats America faces.

Christie invoked 9/11 and said bemoaned how President Obama has made America “weaker and less reliable in the world.” He dismissed the suggestion by critics that Americans gladly gave up their liberties after 9/11 in order to feel safer.

And in case there were still any doubts about his seriousness on the matter, Christie had this to say:

“There are going to be some who are going to come before you and are going to say, ‘Oh, no, no, no. This is not what the Founders intended.’ The Founders made sure that the first obligation of the American government was to protect the lives of the American people, and we can do this in a way that’s smart and cost-effective and protects civil liberties. But you know, you can’t enjoy your civil liberties if you’re in a coffin.”

The governor had also said two months ago that tax money obtained from legalized marijuana is “blood money.”

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