Christmas Mystery: Why Was Ann Coulter in the Men’s Room at a 7-Eleven in Kansas?

There are already a few good mysteries associated with Jesus and his birthday, but yesterday, Ann Coulter added one more.

Why was she in the men’s room of a 7-Eleven in Kansas?

We’ve reached out to Coulter for clarification on the tweet and the circumstances that led to it. Until we hear back from her, we have so many questions.

First, let’s look at the men’s bathroom. We must begin by operating on the assumption that the writing is inside of the bathroom itself and, thus, so is the tweeter. It is hard to imagine that a person would walk into a convenience store and, likely within eyesight of an employee or customer, write something on the outside of a bathroom, especially when the phrase is so racially-charged and polarizing.

Now, if it was a single-occupancy restroom, there isn’t really much of an issue. If it had multiple stalls, though, there could be. Kansas was in the news a lot this summer for having a legislature that wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea that people — especially students — might use the bathroom that corresponded to their gender identity instead of assigned sex. Then again, if the 7-Eleven was deserted enough, who would care?

Speaking of Kansas, why was Coulter in the heartland when she is listed as a “Connecticut native” on her own website and her Twitter indicates she splits her time between NYC and Los Angeles? The answer to this one is simple enough: she clerked there when she was fresh out of law school.

“Fresh” isn’t a word we often use to describe anything even slightly related to 7-Eleven, so we’ll stop the speculating about the circumstances there and wait to see if there is more to the story that came along with this simple, mysterious tweet.

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