Chuck Todd: ‘Cheap’ for Mitch McConnell to Use Me in Campaign Ad

NBC’s Chuck Todd recently put forth some critical analysis of Kentucky Senate Democratic candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, in reaction to her refusal to give a straight answer to the question of whether she voted for President Obama. On two separate occasions, Todd said that Grimes “disqualified herself” and cast serious doubt on whether she could be trusted to cast a tough vote in the Senate.

Those two moments were picked up and used in an ad by Mitch McConnell. Here’s the ad in question, featuring Todd’s comments:

The ad itself is even called “Disqualified,” the word Todd uses in his critique of Grimes.

Using news clips in campaign ads is hardly new, and in an email to The Huffington Post, Todd doesn’t really think it’s that effective. He stands by everything he said about Grimes, but doesn’t think McConnell necessarily has a moral high ground to claim:

“No journalist likes to be used in a TV ad. It is cheap and likely useless. And McConnell has hidden himself from questions for months. This is a highly cynical campaign we are witnessing in Kentucky. Very uninspiring debate.”

Our democracy, everyone.

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