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Chuck Todd on Trump’s ‘Nasty’ Media Tweets: Delegitimizing the Press a Sign of ‘Authoritarianism’

Chuck Todd took Donald Trump to task on Monday by criticizing the president’s extremely personal, dehumanizing new slams against the media.

Todd started today’s MTP Daily by noting how Trump’s war against the press has only gotten worse throughout his rise to the presidency. Todd remarked on how “nasty” Trump often gets when criticizing journalists (including Todd), and the NBC host also noted how the White House restricts press access and diminish critical reporting.

Todd acknowledged that presidents usually have a rough relationship with the press, but Trump’s hostility towards the media is rather different.

“If these actions and this language was being used by a leader in a different country, our State Department… would be saying ‘That country is inching towards authoritarianism,'” Todd said. “Because that’s usually the first sign: when you try to delegitimize a free press.”

Todd spoke to David Folkenflik, who argued that the media and the Trump administration have both made mistakes and contributed to the deteriorated connection between the institutions. Todd also conversed with Brian Karem about how often Trump ends up “dehumanizing” people in the media.

“What the president does with his tweets, and I had this conversation with him, I said don’t personalize it,” said Todd. “Attack the entities all you want, but when you attack individuals, you dehumanize.”

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