Chuck Todd: Trump’s Press Bashing ‘Seems to Escalate’ Directly After News Reports on Russia

During today’s broadcast of Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd delved into President Donald Trump’s habit of attacking the media to see if there was a pattern on when they escalate. And what he found was more than a little interesting.

“One issue that doesn’t seem to hurt the president right now, at least in the eyes of his supporters, are the reported ties he and his aides may or may not have with Russia,” Todd said.

He continued, “And whenever stories break on that subject, press bashing — which is always part of the president’s arsenal — seems to escalate.”

Todd then played a prepared clip detailing numerous instances where Trump went on the attack against the media directly after mainstream press reports related to potential Russian ties. The MTP host pointed to tweets, news conferences, and speeches that were devoted almost entirely to media attacks following damning Trump-Russia stories.

Towards the end of his essay, Todd recapped this weekend’s stories related to the FBI investigation into Russia and the White House reportedly trying to get officials to knock down news reports related to Trump campaign communications with Russia.

And, as if to prove Todd’s case today, Trump took to Twitter today to proclaim that “Russia talk is FAKE NEWS” that is “played up by the media.”

Watch the clip above, via NBC News.

[image via screengrab]

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