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Clinton Camp Pounces on Benghazi Report 2016 Delay: Proof of ‘Playing Politics’

The Hillary Clinton campaign has already pounced on reports that the Benghazi Committee’s report will likely be delayed until next year, closer to the 2016 election.

A spokesman for committee chairman Trey Gowdy said that “factors beyond the committee’s control… could continue to impact the timing of the inquiry’s conclusion.”

Well, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta pounced today, putting out a press release saying this is proof positive the Benghazi investigation is pure politics:

The Gowdy Committee’s admission today that it will not finish its investigation until 2016 is the most telling evidence yet that their investigation is solely about playing politics in the 2016 presidential campaign. This action is the latest example in a broad concerted effort by Republicans and their allies to launch false attacks against Hillary Clinton’s record and deep experience on foreign affairs and national security.

Gowdy has said he wants Clinton to testify to the committee twice; once on Benghazi, once on her private e-mail server. And Clinton’s own attorney says she’s willing to do so, but that they want her testimony scheduled “without delay.”

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