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Clinton Campaign Makes Devastating Web Ad From Trump’s Mexico ‘Embarrassment’

As the media continues to praise Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump over his impromptu meeting and press conference with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto this week, Hillary Clinton‘s campaign has released a devastating web video that hits Trump for failing to make good on his promise to demand that Mexico pay for his beautiful border wall.

Entitled “Trump’s embarrassment in Mexico,” the 44-second spot intersperses Trump’s claim that the cost of the border wall didn’t come up during their meeting with footage of President Peña Nieto emphatically claiming he told Trump that Mexico won’t pay for the wall, and accuses Trump of “lying” about the conversation:

Trump's embarrassment in Mexico by DailyPolitics

At their joint press conference, President Peña Nieto did not comment on Trump’s claim that payment for the wall didn’t come up, but in subsequent statements to the press and social media postings, has said that he made it clear to Trump that Mexico would never pay for the wall, and Trump’s campaign hasn’t refuted that claim.

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