Clinton Campaign Manager Compares DNC Hack to Watergate, Offers Warning on Cyber Threats

mook-2Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager penned an op-ed on Tuesday, warning that Americans need to recognize that Democratic National Committee (DNC) hack was an even bigger security concern than the one that forced President Richard Nixon out of office.

Writing for The New York Times, Robby Mook gave his reaction to the intelligence reports suggesting that Vladimir Putin ordered a Russian campaign to hack and interfere with American political networks. Mook wrote that if Russian agents stole their hacked information by forcing their way inside the DNC, the world would recognize their actions for what they were: “worse than Watergate.”

“Most of us don’t think of hacking as a crime like breaking and entering,” Mook wrote. “It wasn’t until I lived through the Russian hackings of Democratic staff members and organizations that I realized how dangerous such an attitude could be.”

Mook said that he wasn’t looking to be partisan, and that his words were not “referring to the DNC incident in particular, but about cybercrimes in general.” He warned that warned that if Americans ignore cyberattacks or don’t take them seriously enough, Putin and other “foreign aggressors” will certainly use them to take advantage of the country.

Mook also criticized Donald Trump, saying that if the President-elect keeps dismissing the intelligence community and blaming the DNC for being penetrable, it invites threats to the highest levels of government.

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