Clinton Spox: ‘We Are Very Respectful of the Press’

brian fallonHillary Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon has long insisted that despite conventional wisdom, Clinton has no reluctance to engage with the press. And now he’s claiming that the campaign is actually “very respectful of the press.”

Clinton’s press access hasn’t been the best during this campaign––next week she will finally fly on the same plane as her traveling press corps––but in an interview with ABC News’ Jon Karl and Rick Klein, Fallon insists they will be working to further “accommodate” access requests.

“We have done a lot of interviews,” he said. “but I know that no matter how many questions we answer in a variety of formats, it is the press’s job to always demand more access. We respect that.”

It’s been over 270 days since Clinton’s last press conferences. Clinton and her surrogates have dismissed criticism by insisting she’s engaging with voters in a variety of different formats.

In fact, Fallon says “the amount of interaction can only go up.” Pretty much.

Oh, and he actually had to clarify that Clinton would, in fact, give pressers as president:

[Fallon] vows that if elected, “Hillary Clinton will hold press conferences.”

“But the frequency of them is something that would just play out as time went on,” he added.

So, like, barely ever?

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