Clinton Supporter: Trump Reading from Teleprompter Means He’s Qualified for 3rd Grade

trump introChristine Quinn, a former NYC councilwoman and Clinton supporter, laughed off the notion that the RNC’s high TV viewership or the fact that Trump used a teleprompter in any way qualified him for leadership.

“High ratings? Mud wrestling has high ratings. That’s not a determination for who’s qualified to be President of the United States,” she said on CNN Friday morning. “And we saw last night, yes, he read from a teleprompter, which we seem to herald him every time he does that, though people criticized Barack Obama every time he does that. Again, all it shows is that he can read, which is a qualification for third grade.”

She continued, “Last night’s speech was dark, and an attempt to really in my opinion to frighten Americans and further divide us as a country and divide us as a part of the international world.”

She also derided Trump for using his speech Friday morning, meant to be an opportunity to thank his volunteers, to re-litigate his feud with Ted Cruz, apparently sore that the Texas senator had failed to endorse him during his speech Wednesday night. It was “classic mean bully Donald Trump,” she said.

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Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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